Leaving a Lasting Impression at Your Graduation Ceremony

In twenty years from now, when people leaf through their yearbooks from high school, you want to be one of the names everybody stops on and remembers fondly. The work to get that achieved happens during your four tears together, but the icing on the cake can be how you behave at graduation. Here are five ways to leave a lasting impression at your graduation ceremony:

Show Up Early to Socialize

It is common practice for graduates to show up at least an hour early for a dry run of the ceremony. Make sure you show up to this, not to make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself during the ceremony (which would be one way to leave an impression), but to socialize with your classmates. This may be your last chance to talk to some of your classmates, so your conversations prior to graduation could paint how your classmates view you down the line.


Wear an Eye-Catching Outfit

Every graduate is plagued with a fashion death as soon as graduation starts, forced to endure the flaccid staleness of oversized, monochrome gowns. But, before the ceremony begins, you can leave an impression with a snazzy outfit for the pre-ceremony festivities. This fashion statement will leave your classmates bemused and questioning your line of logic. Why go through all this effort to wear an outrageous outfit if you just have to cover it up? But, you will be the talk of the place before graduation even begins.


Write a Funny Speech

A select few are blessed with the opportunity to leave their impression on their class with a speech during graduation. Reserved for the valedictorian and class president, these speeches almost always veer into the cliched, with the speakers peppering in light jabs at the administration but ending with platitudes about these being the best years of their lives. Screw that. Take the standup comedy route with this and go wild. This should be less of a speech and more of a performance that flies in the face of what the stuffy administration wants from you. And, if you go off the reservation, they might cut off your mic, which would leave quite the impression.

write speech

Attend All of the Post-Graduation Events

After graduation, the school always puts together little events where the graduates can come, hang out, and say goodbye for one last time. If you want to leave an impression, this is the place to do it. This is less about having those last conversations (pre-graduation is a better time for that), but this is the opportunity to have one last big night with the people you may not see for a while. When people look back, they will think less of your personality and more of the times spent together. These events are the opportunity to leave your classmates with one last memory.

Reunion Party

Be Yourself to the Very End of Your School Life

If you are a copy of someone else or try to fit within a box that isn’t created by your own soul and personality, no one will ever remember you. As you go to graduation with the notion of leaving an impression in mind, just be yourself. Be as authentic as you can in your final moments altogether as a class. You want to leave a positive impression for being authentic than for forcing a façade onto everybody around you.