The Right Format to Writing a Compelling Case Study – 5 Steps Guide!

In order to pin down a proper and compelling case study, one must first understand what actually a case study is. Let’s begin!

What is a Case Study Research?

A case study can be basically of three types; namely, illustrative or descriptive case study, exploratory or investigative case study and cumulative or critical case study. So, initially one has to determine which type of content he or she is going to write. Once done with the topic and the type of case study, one must put emphasis on certain points for writing down a precise and thorough case study. Down below are given some important tips and format to write a case study:

Case Study Introduction: A Proper Angle

The first and foremost step that one has to put into great consideration is the angle of the case study. That is, from which angle you would be initializing your case study. This is an important step which will ultimately follow up the whole pattern of the rest of the content. Case study introduction can always start by raising a question and then, can continue by suggesting relevant answers.

Detailed analysis:

One of the most essential steps of writing down a case study is a detailed and thorough study of the given topic. You can analyze the subject of the case study and identify the key problems. A descriptive and to-the-point analysis of the problems and a proper understanding of it is a must need for a case study.

Background of the case study:

This is going to be the body of your whole content. The background of your case study must include the important points regarding the key problems and the relevant facts should be highlighted in this portion. This should contain facts like, why do these problems exist, what is the impact of these problems in a particular organization or society and how these problems can be terminated. You can always take the help to write a case study from the internet and can research the topics and also can refer to some sample of case studies available on various websites.

Case Study Conclusion: Proposed solution

You can highlight an underline some effective solutions to the key problems. The solution should be precise and easy to implement. But you don’t have to worry about solving the entire case on your own. You may also find referring to few interviewees’ statements that will do the alluding on behalf of you. You just have to make sure that you outline all the possible alternative solutions for the targeted problem.

Recommendations for the best solution:

Now, this portion is going to be the final part of the case study. You can recommend the best solution amongst all the other alternatives that you have suggested earlier. You can suggest different ways to execute the solution. One thing that you need to assure is that you must handpick the best and the most feasible solution. You might also have to add why the other alternatives are not as effective and feasible as the recommended one and what are the problems that may be associated with the execution of these solutions. You can also highlight the advantages of the suggested solution, and this could act as a conclusion of your case study.


These are the crucial five steps one should follow to write a case study. Lastly, when you are done drafting the whole thing, you must go through it once again to identify any gap or inconsistency and can make some required modifications, additions or deletions.

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