(SOLVED)- Texas Q Company produces and sells barbeque grills Texas Q sells three

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Texas-Q Company produces and sells barbeque grills. Texas-Q sells three models: a small portable gas grill, a larger stationary gas grill, and the specialty smoker. In the coming year, Texas-Q expects to sell 20,000 portable grills, 50,000 stationary grills, and 5,000 smokers. Information on the three models is as follows:
Total fixed cost is $2,128,500.

1. What is the sales mix of portable grills to stationary grills to smokers?
2. Compute the break-even quantity of each product.
3. Prepare an income statement for Texas-Q for the coming year. What is the overall contribution margin ratio? The overall break-even sales revenue? (Note: Round the contribution margin ratio to four decimal places; round the break-even sales revenue to the nearest dollar.)
4. Compute the margin of safety for the coming year.